Late in 2015, the Town of Nottingham and the Marston Property Exploratory Committee (MPEC) hired Ironwood design group and CMA Engineers to create a conceptual plan for the 45-acre, town-owned Marston Farm property. Recreational fields, community gardens, and walking trails were identified as possible Marston property amenities during a recent NH Listens workshop, and thus, these amenities weighted heavily in collaboration efforts to develop a property design.

The design team, led by Ironwood landscape architects Jeff Hyland and Jennifer Martel in collaboration with civil engineer Phil Corbett from CMA Engineers confirmed the optimal and best uses for the open space through a conceptual design process involving Nottingham Town stakeholders, MPEC members, and individuals from the community. The Ironwood design team then worked with MPEC to develop cost estimates and a phasing plan that would allow the project to begin construction as soon as Summer 2016.

Nottingham residents will soon choose to fund phase I of conceptual design implementation through a March 2016 Town Meeting Warrant Article.See the Committee‘s report to Selectmen.