Save The Date:  JANUARY 15th, 2014

Gateway Concept Perspective

The Town of Exeter is about to embark on an exciting planning study, one with the potential to significantly transform Portsmouth Avenue. A Planning Board subcommittee looking at zoning and land use regulation alternatives chose to research the applicability of a form-based code approach to planning regulations and guidelines for the corridor. The idea behind the new approach was to create more flexible, user-friendly, and creative regulations that would result in a much improved corridor on multiple levels.

Gateway Concept (Plan View)

To assist in this venture, the Town has hired landscape architecture and planning firm Ironwood design group. The first step moving forward is a literal one. Ironwood, along with subcommittee volunteers and staff are inviting all those interested to a public “Walking Tour and Visual Assessment “of the corridor to evaluate existing land use and development. The tour is slated for the morning of January 15th . The Assessment will focus on the characteristics of existing development, buildings, and infrastructure. Participants in the assessment will be charged with judging their observations and experiences. The data collected from the Assessment will assist in developing a vision for future development with a focus on how the user (whether walking, traveling by car, or by bicycle) relates with the built environment.

Please join residents, business owners, stakeholders and Town officials and play a roll in molding Portsmouth Avenue’s future. Want more information? Call Town Planner, Sylvia von Aulock, 778-0591.