Does Street Design Really Matter One Way or The Other?

Ironwood is working with project partner, Underwood Engineers, to uncover all the possibilities an upgrade in existing infrastructure can make to the communities on Silver Street in Dover, NH with the Engineering Services for Silver Street Reconstruction project..  After all, streets can take up a considerable share of public space-up to 56% in deeply urban settings. Here are some of the design factors that we are employing at Silver Street to make a tangible difference for people in the community:

  • Evaluate pedestrian travel patterns to maximize connectivity and safety.
  • Identify and resolve conflict points between vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists.
  • Approach cultural nodes, historic buildings and other elements with the requisite sensitivity.
  • Better vehicular and pedestrian safety by calming thru traffic, formalizing curbcuts and focusing driver and pedestrian attention.
  • Design for longevity and reduced maintenance.
  • Improve aesthetics by creating a visual cohesion of site furnishings, paving, long-lasting plantings and other amenities.
  • Embrace barrier-free design and universal accessibility, and insist on the highest possible level of safety and comfort. 


Now, I hope your answer would be Yes!