Section showing Streetscape with Proposed Roundabout
Plan view of Roundabout on CAD base



Redesigning the entry experience to the Village of Pennacook was an important step in helping residents of this Concord, NH village reach their goal of defining a village with a clear identity. Two scenarios were explored each with the end goal of de-emphasizing the dominance of auto traffic–a signalized intersection and a roundabout. Both concepts offer strategies for slowing traffic, improving interesection legibility and overall safety. A new clarity for circulation helps to reinstate the primacy of the pedestrian at the village core. Based on a successful public particulpation effort with Ironwood’s team partner, CMA Engineers, Inc and City Staff, the roundabout alternative was choosen. Ironwood, with team collaboration, will translate the approved concept into a full design with complete construction drawings including: streetscape layout and materials; landscaping and street tree planting; lighting layout; construction details; sections; notes; and technical specifiications.