Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial ~ Portland, ME

Ironwood Design Group was selected as a finalist to develop a conceptual design for a memorial to the late civil rights leader to be built on the Bayside Trail in Portland, ME.

Ironwood staff and Professor Cheryl Townsend Gilkes of Colby College identified the memorial theme: The Beloved Community.

The memorial design includes a number of features:

  • An attractive gateway entrance with signage made of corten steel and granite
  • BoGo theatrical lights projecting written words of Dr. King describing the Beloved Community
  • A beacon sculpture engineered with audio and lighting to draw visitors into the memorial
  • Granite and corten steel event icons commemorating important days in Dr. King’s life

The design affords a dynamic visitor experience with differential light and audio for daytime and nighttime.  Additionally, the event icons and sculptural beacon provide differential lights and audio on important days in Dr. King’s life.

Myriad Design staff created an animated computer model delineating the memorial experience in three dimensions.