Project Description

Silver Street ~ Dover, NH

Streetscapes influence a community in unexpected ways. Thoughtful street design that reduces traffic speeds and improves pedestrian crossing conditions can significantly reduce both the frequency and intensity of crash injuries. Given the proximity of residential neighborhoods and Woodman Park Elementary School to the project area, the safety of community residents was a primary objective. However, the need to enhance water, sewer, and traffic management infrastructure created an opportunity for comprehensive streetscape improvements.

In addition to these design requirements, the City made stormwater management and treatment a design priority. A large bioretention rain garden with an outdoor classroom was installed at the entrance to the Woodman Park cshool. When completed, the area will have a pedestrian bridge, a seating area, and a path from where students can observe the bioretention areas function and the garden’s connection to the roadway drainage system.

Lasting improvements made to the project area include gateway treatments with accent paving, plazas and patios incorporating universal accessible curb ramps, crosswalks, and traffic calming measures; bioretention stormwater treatment, LED architectural area lighting, benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, landscaping, and street tree planting using Silva Cell pavement support systems.